Experienced Special Needs Parent Life Coach

Helping you design success!



Life Management

Parents of children and young adults with special needs face one of a kind difficulties. It very well may be hard to deal with the every day jobs, obligations, and still keep life sensible, adjusted, and indeed, even blissful. I will help you develop a plan that will include life management skills, resources to help set your child up for success, and trust and bonding adventures for the entire family.


Experiential Family Bonding and Trust Adventures

 Shared encounters help families bond and minimize feelings of anxiety. Life is STRESSFUL! For all of us, grown-ups, children, and particularly those with special needs. When families are out in nature together, they release the anxieties of life.

Dive in as we explore outdoor therapeutic and bonding activities that will help you.


Setting Your Child Up For Success

I will  empower you by guiding you to discover strategies and tools that will stretch you beyond your comfort zone and bring growth.  Explore Executive Functions and how focus, organization and emotional regulation impacts your life. Let me help you navigate the unique challenges of parenting a child with special needs


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